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At trooflo we are driven to help dramatically reduce utilisation of single-use plastic straws. Our multi-use bamboo straws provide an innovative answer when it comes
to meeting the needs of modern society that has begun to reject plastic products in favour of plant-based alternatives. Our mission is to provide a stylish, yet practical,
sustainable alternative to plastic and paper straws in a way that
notably increases your brand awareness.

In order to provide you with a product of supreme quality, we have spent months testing a number of straws from several Asian bamboo plantations. 
Quality is paramount to us and we are proud to offer you our premium product.

Who we are?




Simply choose your logo or message and let us customise your straws using the latest laser engraving technology.
Bar, restaurant or hotel, build brand loyalty whilst giving your customers the
supreme drinking experience. Create an emotional connection with your venue, get people excited about your commitment to preserve our natural environment and watch people post photos of your branded straws on Instagram!


Purely natural

Completly FREE from chemicals and pesicides


1 straw = 1 bamboo stalk Nature makes it unique for you, so colour and diameter may slightly vary. We try our best
to select these 
7mm - 9mm thick.

Do you need a jumbo straw for your smoothies? EASILY!


Enjoy it over and over again for months (if not years!)

Logo - it's up to you!
Send your logo, signage or font and let the straw talk on your behalf

20cm long

Different Lenght?
Let us know.


1½ cups


the straw

and it's power

Great feel
Firm and polished to
a high standard.
Bamboo gives you
a beautiful sensation when touched

Worldwide shipping

What else would you need?
(minimum order quantity applies)

We are working very hard to reveal
our amazing partners.

Look out for some world-renowned brands
to appear in our gallery soon